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Nutrition Re-Set


Nutrition Re-Set


Nutrition Re-Set


If you are someone who is unsure with what and how much to eat, looking to loose weight or tone up, or simply need to stick to a diet plan, than this is the best approach for you!

You will receive: 

  • 4 week guided diet plan
  • Learn how to use macros 
  • Understand calories and macronutrients
  • Supplement list
  • Check in's with Ness Herrera 
  • Ongoing support, and positive motivation 
  • Goal setting - whether it be short or long term
  • Suggestions and variety with meals
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There are so many people under eating as a result of wrong information given and poor body image issues presented in society today, and this is why people grow to have unhealthy relationships with food. 

My goal as a health & wellness coach is to teach people about the overall health benefits of eating correctly, how to nourish their bodies with micro and macronutrient quality foods and - eat the correct amount to sustain energy and go about their daily lives. 

This 4 week Nutritional Consulting process includes:

Initial Consultation
Essentially a goal setting conversation to better understand you as a person, what your goals are and how we can collaborate to ensure that you are achieving the best results for you. This is an in-depth, confidential conversation to really break down every aspect of why you are in need of nutritional advice.

First Follow up Consultation
Generally a third of the way through the plan to reassess goals, talk about any questions or concerns and a chance for you to provide feedback about the meal plan you have been provided. This consultation is an important stepping stone to identify any weaknesses and if you need to work on any areas to improve. 

Second Consultation and Planning session
This approach is designed to ensure that your relationship with food and your overall lifestyle have positively improved. I don't believe in temporary "fixes"  as they only achieve short term results, so why not commit to long term health and wellness? Long term goals are achievable with the right mindset and tools given.