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8 Week Gym Program


8 Week Gym Program


8 Week Gym Program


Available on my new online platform, and all with the convenence of an app on your phone to track progress! My training plans are written to test you and keep you focused! Through the methodology of periodisation, I have chosen series of exercises that are designed to build lean muscle, strengthen your overall body and help you achieve the desired aesthetics that you have been waiting for!

You will receive:

  • 4 week gym based program

  • Customised training program to suit your lifestyle - 4 or 5 day options

  • Tips and specialised techniques working with different machines and gym equipment

  • Workout videos and descriptions

  • A variety of different exercises to push your limits, and test your abilities

  • Exercises to contribute to weight loss

  • Build lean muscle for the desired aesthetics your looking for

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Training is supposed to be fun, exciting, challenging and push you to your limits! There is nothing worse than being given a plan that you do the same over and over and over again week by week, and you wonder why you don’t get the results you’ve been looking for?

I have a few different options, and can tailor these plans to incorporate your daily actives such as swimming or yoga. As well as at home workouts for those who can’t get to a gym, or are limited to the amount of days per week you can train. We are all different remember!

Start today and let’s work together on your future!

Note: Please allow approximately 2-3 days for program to be emailed to you, as each program is customised for each person.