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Product Review: Lust Minerals Make Up

Ness Herrera

So for a couple of months now I've been at war with my skin... like its literally consumed my life for the last 4-5 months. 

The reasoning behind my bad skin is from a combination of: competing, hormone imbalance, stress, misdiagnosis of treatment, trial and error of skin care products - which then caused a horrible reaction... doctor and dermatologist appointments... andddddd now I'm here. Healthier, still no 100% clear idea about wtf went on, but a damn good idea and in which I have managed to I think fix. (Fingers crossed) 

That story in it's self is for another time... because this blog post is way more exciting than that!!

lust minerals

I'm at the point where I ONLY want to use natural products on my face, because of serious fear of chemical damage. And through my research, I came across Lust Mineral Cosmetics on Instagram. Not only are they Australian owned and made, their products are all plant based and only include mineral ingredients so that it protects your skin! 

Now this isn't a paid review - I am sharing this because I genuinely love to share my experiences and especially when products WORK!

The lovely Stacy was kind enough to help me through my colour choice, as I have olive skin with more yellow undertones and in summer my skin goes quite dark. (Don't worry - YES I wear sunscreen!) She sent me the Mineral Loose Powder and the Mineral Foundation Stick, and since then I have worn the both almost every day to both work and while training. The Loose Powder is light, and covers perfectly just on its own! It provides enough cover even for acne scars and perfect to wear during the day. As for the foundation stick - I wish I found this sooner! IT SURVIVES MY GYM SESSIONS! I can be a sweaty mess and not feel self conscious that my make up has rubbed off or that my scars were showing. And not to mention - it DID NOT clog my pores! #WINNING! But best of all, it is even good enough to wear over sunscreen at the beach. I even went swimming with it on and I came out feeling fresh AF haha - Scars and pimples BE GONE! Who doesn't want a sweat proof - life proof - natural mineral product?!

My skin normally is quite sensitive, I get oily around my T-zone and more so the week before and during my period. Often, my skin absorbs anything I put onto it, leaving my skin clogged and full of black heads - and this is the worst combo for a picker like me! Though a full day of running around, work, gym, and life admin and my skin stays protected from the sun with the SPF, looks fresh and untouched and I can was the foundation off at the end of the day with no worries, no clogged pores and worry free!

Now I can rave on and on about it, but you need to see the real proof - so here is a before and after picture of the products!  


Have a look for yourself, I couldn't recommend a more trusted product! I am a Lust Minerals Babe for life now! Thank you for making me feel confident in my own skin!

Website: www.lustminerals.com.au
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lust__minerals