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How to work on your weaknesses 🙋🏼‍♀️

Ness Herrera

A loose statement for any or all aspects of life, though I’m going to reference this to diet and training.  

First of all - what do you define as a “weakness?”  Is it failure, something impossible, doubt or fear? You see when we convince ourselves something is impossible to do, because we are scared of failure - we doubt ourselves that we can even complete the task. It’s all in our minds. 

To me a weakness is an “area of improvement” something that I want to make my bitch and destroy! I flip the way I think and try and make it work.


For example, I really don’t like cardio...  there is nothing more annoying to me then walking on a treadmill. so I’ve found an alternative - I’ll do a HIIT session or walk outside, other wise I watch that clock every minute, every second and I end up leaving early. 

When I accepted that I was terrible at pull ups - now each session I do at the gym, whether it be upper body or lower body I practise them - always start with how many know I can do and try and beat it.  

Training core was and had always been uncomfortable for me because of my scoliosis - so I’ve found alternatives and now more often then usual I will do these exercises at the start of my training sessions so I don’t just walk out and tell myself “I’ll just do them at home” because in reality - I really won’t. 

All in all, it comes down to how you approach each “weakness” and how you flip it. If it’s a training performance based - get it don’t first up in your training session. Or, rip the bandaid off and spend a whole session working on it - then further more making it a skill as opposed to something you don’t like to do. 


xx Ness