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Client Results: Tania


Client Results: Tania

Ness Herrera

My clients are my biggest motivation - hands down! The best part of my job is to be a part of someones health journey and for them to go further than their initial goal. 

Tania was training 5 times per week, doing minimal cardio, AND the best part is she did this all at home with her at home gym! Programming for Tania was different to my other clients as I had to accomodate for the equipment she had and to ensure she was getting complete variety with her workouts!

Its safe to say, Tania absolutely smashed it! She was committed from day one and was so eager to learn and take everything on board. As her progress photo's came in, and measurements updated, Tania turned into a body fat burning machine!

Here are her stats:

Her initial weight goal was 56kgs, and she ended up completing the 8 weeks sitting at 55kgs - loosing a total of 5.1kg. Her biggest fat loss site was evidently the 14cm in total off her waist, and an overall total of 28.5cm body fat dropped. The pictures below speak for themselves!

Tania before and afters

Tania is a true reflection of what hard work really means, especially when you stick to a plan, follow it religiously and stay positive throughout the entire journey. 

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