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What Body Type Are You?

Ness Herrera


There is a diet and training plan for everyone... no matter what their current or end goal is. What isn't for everyone, is the exact SAME diet and training plan that will give no two people the same result.

Genetics play a major part in our physical aesthetics and overall well-being, as we all have different body types - shapes sizes and bodily functions. Each body type requires different protocols for both exercise and nutrition; whether if be for fat loss or muscle gain. These body types are called Ectomoprth, Endomorph and Mesomorpth. Do you know which one you are?


A thin build, usually a "straight up and down delicate shape" body type. Ectomorphs have trouble gaining weight and building lean muscle mass as well as maintain it for extended periods of time. Body fat percentages generally are quite low, and these types of people are great endurance athletes! 

In terms of diet - the ectomorph can tolerate higher calorie and carb diets especially if they're active training 4 – 5 times per week, as their fast metabolism allows for them to burn more calories when working out. 

When it comes to exercise, the ectomorph needs to focus more on weight training exercises using low reps and heavy weight. Cardio is not generally required or recommended for this body type when it comes to loosing body fat. 


The mesomorph individual doesn't have the same trouble gaining or losing weight. These fuller figured individuals can usually tolerate both high and low carb diets and can rapidly pack on muscle mass. (jealous!!)

Though the mesomorph can tolerate heavy weight training like ectomorphs, they can also tolerate cardio and can be used more so for fat loss! Exercise should be consistent and eating as clean as possible at all times. I guess you guys are genetically gifted as you get both ends of the stick with diet and training and can/will always maximise results!


The endomorph is usually softer looking individual, who has trouble losing weight but usually gains muscle rather easily. These individuals tend to have a higher weight body fat percentage. Compliance with both diet and exercise are important, and practicing a clean and lower carb diet will assist with fat loss. 

Tips such as drinking plenty of water before bed, and not eating too close to before you go to sleep will help speed up your metabolism.  A high fiber diet is favoured with endomorphs and high in lean proteins and as clean as possible. 

Endomorphs benefit largely from cardiovascular workouts and heavy compound movements such as deadlifts, chin ups, squats and pushups. 

For a diet and training plan to suit your body type, send me through an enquiry on info@nessherrera.com