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My Favourite Back Exercises


My Favourite Back Exercises

Ness Herrera

Posterior chain training days have predominately been my more favourite group of muscles to train, especailly when it comes to my back muscles. 

Historically, my upper back has always been a strong point in my prep as it always leans up quite quickly when I'm dieting. This is influenced as a result of my ectomorph body type, and add in my strict and consistent strength training regime; to ensure that my back is always strong to support surrounding muscles, and of course for adequate posture! 

Why focus on posterior chain exercises? Well why not - they are the "bricks and blocks" of building your overall physique! You are targeting your traps, back, glutes, hamstrings and calves!
By building a solid and strong foundation, you are simply preventing:

  • Lower back pain
  • Risk of injury 
  • A weakened core, which in turn effects stability
  • Weakened glutes (Ladies - one of the common factors that hinders glute activation when trying to build your booty!)

My Favourite exercises include cable face pulls, seated cable row, lat pull downs, bent over rows, close grip lat pull downs... to name a few! Click here to watch a short clip on my back workout!