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My Skin Journey Part 1


My Skin Journey Part 1

Ness Herrera

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My history and moving forward:

Firstly, I am always open to talking about my personal battles with my skin because without knowing about someone's personal experience - how do you learn and trial new things yourself?

For a recap and a bit of background on my "Skin journey," I've never had what I would think horrible skin growing up... Yes I got the hormonal pimple or two, oily skin and all the normal things us females go through when we are young.

Though it wasn't until my early 20's when I first experienced adult acne. It is so common for females and makes to go through this!! Mine stemmed from miss-use or over use of vitamins which essentially resulted in my body in its own attempts to reject the what I was having, and for it to come through my skin. Given this was also during the change of season from spring to summer, this also contributed to the breakouts and congestion, causing my acne to worsen over time! 

Fast forward to 2017/2018 while competing, I went through something similar again. To break it down for you, essentially after a lot of research into gut health, trial and error with my nutrition and keeping a log of essentially my monthly cycle and daily routines, I narrowed down my acnes symptoms to the following: 

  • Hormonal: I came off the pill and after the first 3 months of my body being used to not being on the pill, so my estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels where evening out. 
  • STRESS: With moving house, change of job, redesigning my website and programs and relaunching my business, COMP PREP, and some personal things going on, this all contributed to the breakouts on my skin
  • Gut health: healing from the inside to out is a major factor - I stopped taking many artificial supplements to let my body heal and researched many different options and others that would nourish my body, without overloading my system again! I found that at the start of my prep when I cleaned up my current diet my skin improved dramatically as I cut out a lot of crap that I had been eating! Though, then closer to the warmer months and conditions, being dehydrated and stressed, that took everything into a backwards spiral! 
  • Poor hydration: with comp prep, this tends to happen especially around peak week
  • Products: I was using basic products for too long, and not changing my skin routien 
  • Season: it was again that time between spring and summer, plus my working conditions had minimal ventilation, the air was constantly moist and I was always sweating!
  • The WRONG makeup! In a previous blog I wrote my review for Lust Minerals Cosmetics - you can read this by clicking here

I've actually changed my routine, products and have implemented a few different protocols into my diet which have worked wonders for me both internally and externally for my skin! 

With sharing my skin journey online through my social media pages, I was able to meet with the amazing people at Clearskincare Clinics at Warringah Mall and they have been taking me on a 3 step process called "Gym Skin" with my skin to heal the surface and rejuvenate my skin back to a more healthier state!

What I think is really important for anyone who has had a similar experience is to document it!

  • write a list of supplements that you're taking,
  • assess over a month period of time how your hormonal levels could affect your skin,
  • change your products - look into products that have a glycolic agent in them to help with congestion and clear existing breakouts
  • drink plenty of water
  • CLEAN YOUR DIET UP! Avoid processed and sugary foods!

Next week I will be sharing my results from the acne treatment and more of my protocols around food, supplements and skin car regime in Part 2 of this blog! 

xx Stay tuned babes 😘