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Client: Jemma Moona


Client: Jemma Moona

Ness Herrera


Testimonial from my beautiful client,
Jemma Moona

"The respect and appreciation I have for this girl is second to none. Ness is 100% dedicated to everything that she does and since starting my program with Ness. Not only have I learnt so many new tips and tricks and exercises but I have also learnt about myself and what I need to let go of.

Ness isn't just about training and nutrition she is also about inner health and getting yourself back into a good place mentally as well as physically. Her programs are not complicated and they are effective and actually work!

She is a role model to so many people and what I absolutely love is that she is REAL and in it for the love of what she does NOT to try and sell you false information or get more money out of you she truly has your best interest at heart.

I continue to learn from Ness and Ive built such a good relationship with her and I can honestly talk to her about anything. She has my back 100% and makes it so clear that she is beside you the entire way and continues to push and motivate you every step of the way.

She is professional and puts her heart into what she does. I would highly recommend Ness to anyone. You can really tell the difference between someone who has a "job" and someone who has PASSION.

Ness is in it for her clients and WANTS you to be the best version of you. She truly is an awesome human with a whole lot of knowledge that she passes on to me and all of her clients every step of the way."

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