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Why do I Compete?


Why do I Compete?

Ness Herrera

Why do I Compete?

First of all, why do you think people compete? I’m sure there is a list of reasons that you could come up with along the lines of To have an amazing body, that girls do it for attention and to get skinny, or that they’re motivated to work towards a goal or it reflects the wrong image of the person – girls look like strippers. I’ve heard it all! Contrary to individual opinion, unfortunately some of these reasons are true dependant on the person. Some people honestly do it all for the wrong reasons and some for the right reasons.

When people come to me seeking advice on competing, I ask them why they want to compete, and what do they want to achieve from it? and then I share with them why I compete:

I chose to compete not to have an “amazing body that would get me loads of attention,” I chose to compete because I wanted to set myself a physical challenge, in which my mindset would be tested to the 100% maximum. I want discipline, I want to be pushed, I want to be tested. The aesthetics of my body is just a bonus because its what naturally follows. I compete because I find satisfaction in proving not only myself, but others wrong. Anyone who ever doubted me along the way, who have said negative things about me and my choices to compete, and the negative nasty things they associate competing with.

I’ve had a number or girls especially coming to me asking for advice on what to do, because they want to compete but their families, boyfriends or partners completely judge them. it has also caused some damaging effects to new and existing relationships.

What these boyfriends, partners and families don’t realise, that body building; whether it be bikini, fitness, figure, physique or bodybuilding divisions – they all take guts and determination to be able to go through the process of competing and making the sacrifices along the way. It is so important to communicate to the support network around you why you truly want to compete, so that they can understand and be a part of your journey.

Lack of education about the sport often entertains negative opinions, so it is important to surround yourself with likeminded people.

For support and advice for competition preparation, email info@nessherrera.com