Client Results: Tania

Client Results: Tania

My clients are my biggest motivation - hands down! The best part of my job is to be a part of someones health journey and for them to go further than their initial goal. This is what Tania achieved - lost a significant amount of body fat, and has become a fitter and healthier version of herself!

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Mind Over Matter - Stop Doing Your Head in!

How many times have you talked yourself out of something, or convinced yourself "you can't do it"  or its "too hard?"

I hear this literally every day, from my own online clients and from work. The truth is - YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! That's why you "can't do it!!"

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Why Do I Compete - Part 2

IFBB Nationals 2017

Compete for the challenge not the "gram.."

It takes time, it is hard, and it shouldn't be an easy process. Expect to sacrifice a lot, expect to loose a lot. But most importantly, if you are considering competing, do it for the right reasons... not for the "fame" in which you think follows. 

I've been competing for approximately 3 years now, and I have met some interesting people... as well as gained some amazingly supportive and beautiful friends along the way.

I feel like competing these days has quickly become the "norm" when it comes to health and fitness, and promoting yourself as a fitness activist... but what really irritates me is the trophy chasers, insta-fame gainers and of course the "dieters" who do it all for the wrong reasons.

No, I am not as seasoned as other people in the industry, but being as an observant person as I am, I sure as hell have seen a lot.

I compete purely and wholeheartedly for MYSELF, my own goals, my own challenges and my own gains. NOT for Instagram, not for attention and sure as hell not to diet down down to a string bean with hormonal issues and essentially a messed up metabolism just to look "skinny on the gram" 

People will always have their opinion about competing, and thats fine, because so do I! My message to anyone to is, or considering competing is simple and just this:

Don't do it for the wrong reasons, do it for the right. Have respect for you, your body and your health before you decide that eating air and cardio for 2 hours per day is what you believe is healthy. It's a hard sport, have respect for those who are successful and have done well before you because they work hard to get where they are. They are disciplined, invest a lot a money and sacrifice more than you realise to chase their dream. Commitment, goal setting and compliance is what will break you if this isn't for you. 

Xx Ness

What Body Type Are You?

There is a diet and training plan for everyone... no matter what their current or end goal is. What isn't for everyone, is the exact SAME diet and training plan that will give no two people the same result.

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